10th Wash Free Program

Receive your tenth wash free when using credit or loyalty cards

Get and manage our loyalty cards at the kiosk in our Corte Madera location,
or just click the buttons below.


Please note that both discounts for using a lower water temperature, and San Anselmo’s discounted
Monday-Thursday prices for 20 pound washers, only apply when using quarters. 

  • When you use a credit card or our loyalty cards, you will automatically receive your 10th wash free.
  • The cards (and the 10th wash) work in both Corte Madera and San Anselmo.
  • You can get or add value to loyalty cards using either cash or a credit card at the kiosk to the right of the change and vending machines at the store in Corte Madera. 
  • You can also add value to loyalty cards using a credit card, or request a card, at the links above.  We will mail one to you within about one week of recognize your request.
  • The free wash can be used on any size machine.
  • The loyalty cards are free.  But, please don’t loose them.  We can’t transfer the balance on a lost card to a new card.
  • The system recognizes the credit card number, not the name associated with the credit card. Please remember to use the same credit card or debit card.
  • 10th wash refers to the number of washers used, not the number of visits. If you use three washers during each visit, then the free wash will occur on the fourth visit.

The kiosk should be installed during late February, 2018.