Frequently Asked Questions and Things To Know

Here is some basic information about the machines and operation of the stores. We hope providing this will help provide you with a better experience.

Important Precautions:

  • Emergency stop button:  If you hear metal banging or if water is coming out of the front of a machine, press and hold for three seconds the red emergency stop button.  Remove metal objects or clear any clothing (including draw strings) from the door.  Then, press start again.  The machine will refill and restart.  Most all of our machines have these buttons, located toward the right when facing the machines.
  • Metal objects:  Please make sure to remove metal objects, including nails and screws, from your pockets.

Variability … Please Let Us Know When We Need To Respond:

  • If a change machine is out of service, please text, call, or email us so we know right away.
  • Our stores are cleaned thoroughly every night by people who have worked at these stores for up to two decades.  But, if a big crowd comes through the store or there is a spill, your experience may vary.  Again, if something appears to not meet our high standards, let us know so we can respond.
  • Looks can be deceiving.  Regrettably, sometimes people may subjectively feel a machine is not doing what it should be doing and place out of service tags on machines.  A store with only two out of service machines waiting for parts to arrive suddenly has six tags on it and looks like we are not taking care of the store … just until we arrive.  Once again, if something doesn’t look like it usually looks, contact us.

Card Systems and The Internet

We are pleased to be the only operators in Marin to provide the convenience of using credit cards or mobile payments instead of having to carry and insert quarters.

Unfortunately, the card systems are dependent on Internet connectivity.  We use a device that checks the internet connection every 15 minutes (the most frequent setting).  It resets the modem if it detects a problem.  If the reader says “no connection,” please check another machine just in case that machine’s card reader has developed a problem.  If there appears to be a prolonged connection issue, please let us know that there is a problem so we can communicate with AT&T UVerse as soon as possible. 

Once a device SpyderWash began testing in February, 2018, becomes available, we will switch from the current device that restarts the modem to a new type of modem that is able to both verify connectivity every ten seconds and switch from the primary broadband connection to a wireless backup immediately if necessary.

Refund Request Boxes:

  • Refund request forms are in the silver mail boxes (or, in Tiburon, in the clear plastic wall hanger).  We try to mail refunds within one week.
  • Please write you name and address neatly.  The mail carriers see the address you wrote through envelopes with a clear plastic window. 
  • If you used a creditor loyalty card, include the last four digits of the credit card or the loyalty card number. We will issue a refund to your card.
  • If you haven’t received a refund or credit within at most two weeks, contact us so we can figure out what might have happened and solve it.

Machine Features and Operation:

  • To help make your laundry experience faster, Dexter washers have high extract speeds and Dexter dryers operate at hot temperatures.
  • When you use quarters, there is a discount for conserving energy.  Warm water washes cost less than the base vending price, and cold washes cost even less.  (The only exception is the set of 20 pound washers in Tiburon.)
  • To extend the length of the wash, you can use the “plus cycle” on Dexters.  Add a quarter or swipe your card again within one minute after starting the machine.
  • By pressing the “enter” button on card readers on dryers, you can input the total amount of time you want and then only swipe your card once.
  • The Speed Queen Horizon machines (the left six in Corte Madera) have settings for heavy loads.  They extend the wash and may also add an extra pre-wash.  If the vend price exceeds what is on the reader, please press the enter button until the price matches what is on the washer.   If the machine shows 25 or 50 cents on the screen after the screen on the washers counts down, please swipe your card again.    
  • Soap is available in vending machines, currently with the exception of Tiburon.
  • When set on the high temperature setting, Dexter dryers can heat (depending on what the sensors detect in the clothing) at between 165 and 185 degrees.  It may take up to one minute to reach full temperature, sensors will adjust the heat during the length of the dry based on moisture levels, and the last minute serves as a short, reduced temperature “cool down” period.  But, please be aware that these machines, when set on hot, are hotter than most all resIdential dryers and typical apartment building laundry room dryers.
  • If it seems like a dryer is not heating properly, please make sure the lint screen door is pushed in all the way.  A gap can affect the sensors.

A Final Note … Intended To Be Humorous:

  • Our phone numbers are above the change machines, and on this site.  We also monitor emails sent through the “Contact Us” form on this site’s home page.  If we cannot answer the phone when you call, we will attempt to respond quickly.
  • If we are doing something wrong please contact us.  If we are doing something right, please contact Yelp.  (Unfortunately, it’s often the opposite.  But, we do appreciate the complimentary conversations and comments people share with us when we see them.)
  • And, please tell a friend about us.  Referrals are the highest form of compliment.